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In a fast moving world the speed, efficiency, and reliability of business communications are vital to the success and productivity of every company including Home Office, Medium and Large Corporations. Enterprise Networks based on Internet Protocol Technology are at the forefront of delivering these requirements.

Outsource Telecoms is the leader in delivering these systems and providing the expertise required by many companies in this area. By offering options ranging from affordable, entry level solutions, to state of the art unified communication solutions , Outsource Telecoms have an outstanding record of helping companies identify ideal solutions for their communication needs, whilst presenting significant cost savings that amortize the investment over a very short period of time; often showing immediate return on investment.

We have secured two coveted Government Tenders: SITA and RT3.

As a result Outsource Telecoms proudly supply the following government departments:

How can a PABX System Benefit your Company and its Telecommunication Costs:

  • Call forwarding
    Ensuring Business Productivity when Out of Office user issues arise.
  • Conference calling
    Avoid ‘Lost in Translation’ mishaps by Linking Multiple Parties to one Conversation.
  • Call Management
    Monitor Communication Costs by use of this essential communication tool.
  • Voice Mail and Auto Attendant
    Frees up Operator time by Automatically Routing Calls to the chosen Department / Extension.
  • Digital Dial-In
    Direct Lines for Extension Users making routing connections easier.
  • Uniform Call Distribution
    Call Centre Solutions.
  • Mobile Device Integration
    Connecting End User’s Mobile Device with Full PBX Functionality by means of SIP integration.
  • Unified Communications
    Multi Branch Linkups, Personal Computer, Email, Remote User, Video Conferencing, Mobile and Wi-Fi Integration.
Outsource Digital provides a complete office automation Product range to suit all your business requirements.

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